Peter Morris

Peter Morris

Flight Ascend Consultancy - Chief Economist

Peter Morris is FlightAscend’s Chief Economist, and is responsible for projects concerning airports, airlines, market demand analysis, forecasting and new aircraft and product research.

Prior to joining Ascend’s Consultancy team in 2003, Peter Morris was IATA’s Chief Economist and headed the IATA Research Consultancy Department. Over the previous ten years he built up the Aviation Information & Research Dept for IATA to be one of the Industry’s leading suppliers of Market Research, Statistical and Forecasting Information.

He has been responsible for the direction and management of more than fifty international studies in the areas of aviation strategy, forecasting, business travel, marketing, market research, performance benchmarking, operational research, economic studies, pricing research, new product research and cargo. He is a regular media commentator on issues connected with aviation policy and industry trends.

Air Transport Clients’ Requirements and Expectations

What are the new travel behaviors & how should we cope with the changing environment?

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