Richard Carcaillet was appointed Head of Strategic Marketing in early 2013.

In his current role, Richard heads an experienced team that works with all regional business units and contributes to market segment and regional analyses, surveys, and organises customer consultation processes for Airbus’ Product and Market Strategy directorate.

Prior to this assignment, Richard was Director Product Marketing A380, a position he held since October 2003.

Richard started his career in 1986 at Air France in maintenance and operations research.

From late 1988 to 1990, he was a patent examiner for the aerospace and defence sectors at the European Patent Office in Munich.

Richard joined Airbus in late 1990, and has held various sales and marketing positions in both Toulouse and Hamburg. After an initial focus on South East Asia as an airline marketing senior analyst, he went on to work on A300/A310 freighter conversion (worldwide) in Hamburg in 1993, where he set up and managed marketing for that programme, subsequently heading up A300/A310 product marketing in Toulouse in 1995-96.

He then joined Airbus’ newly created Large Aircraft Division, working on the market development of what was then known as the AXX and the A3XXF, in Asia, Europe and the US. In particular he was responsible for all Airbus and airline joint working groups on the A3XX-F.

With the launch of the A380, his role changed to sales activity in Japan for two years, helping set up the new Airbus Japan subsidiary as a business unit, prior to taking responsibility for A380 product marketing (worldwide) for almost ten years, from late 2003 to end 2012.

Richard graduated in aerospace engineering from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France and Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany, in 1984, and completed his masters (M.Sc.) in aerospace engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, USA in 1985. During his military service (1985/86), he worked as a research scientist in aerodynamics at ONERA, France.

Richard was born in France in 1960 and is married with two children.


New aircraft for better profits

Richard Carcaillet

Head Of Strategic Marketing - AIRBUS