Presentations 2015 - Frederic Vanhoutte

Frédéric Vanhoutte

CEO & Founder - EVENTIZ

Born in 1962 in France, 3 children. Frédéric is graduated from INSEAD. Started with United Airlines France, then became GM France for Galileo (GDS), launched the first OTA Travelprice in France and in 6 countries.

In 2005, Frederic took the internet strategy of the french leading distribution network : Selectour.

He is actually president of EVENTIZ (major digital events in the french travel industry with Travel d’or and TOTEC, member of the advisory Board of FLYR, President of the french OTA association, President of the SNAV’s (T.A Union) internet commission, Member of the National Tourism Board, Member of the Open Internet Project council and Founder and editor of the digital mag:


Frederic Van HOUTTE