Marc Rochet

    Marc Rochet
    Air Caraïbes - CEO
    French Blue - President & CEO
    Aerogestion - CEO

    Marc Rochet has been in the French aviation industry for quite a        long time. He started by Air Inter , Aéromatime a low cost UTA            subsidiary,   and then AOM for the Credit Lyonnais ; then was            working for the BA group in France with TAT and Air Liberté                successfully sold to the Swair Group.
    He managed a lot of airlines mainly to turn them back into                restructuration and growth, and even for AKFED, the investment        branch of the Aga Khan.

    In 2006 he launched l’Avion, a private equity start up for business     class only between Paris and New York. In 2008 L’Avion was sold        to BA, the name was changed into Openskies 
    Today he is acting as CEO for Air Caraibes, a French private airline     owned by group Dubreuil and profitable into the cloudy french            skies.

    With Dominique Gretz they also manage their own consulting            company named: Aerogestion.  

Nov 25, 2016, 7:36 AM