Jean-Christophe Victor

Jean-Christophe Victor
LEPAC - Founder & Director

Jean Christophe Victor, born in Paris, is a political scientist focusing on international relations.

He earned a Master in Chinese language, a PHD in anthropology in the “French Man Museum”, and a PHD in Defense and Strategy from Sorbonne University. He was posted as a diplomat in Afghanistan, worked as policy adviser in Nato - Bruxelles, and for the Policy Planning Office at the French Ministry of foreign affairs. 

He is the founder and the director of LEPAC (  - Center for Political Studies and Cartographic Analysis- a French private think tank training international managers - Veolia, Vinci, Areva, Total, British Petroleum, Cartier,Thalès, Safran - ; as well as public sector - cities municipalities or European Union in Bruxelles- .

JC Victor teaches geopolitics in France and several foreign universities. His most recent books on geopolitics are : “Towards a new Antarctica Treaty” 2010, Paris ;  “Political Atlas for the Teenagers”2011, Paris ; “ Geopolitical routes”, Paris, Pékin, 2013 ;   “One Eye on the World”, Robert Laffont, Paris, Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, 2014.

He is the author of a weekly program on European channel ARTE, French world channel TV5, and Internet, “Beneath the maps” program that he writes and presents, dealing about geopolitics.

Nov 24, 2016, 8:11 AM