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Airline & Travel Agent 5Ocean Co. Executive Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Aer Lingus Manager Interline and Partner Relations 
Airline & Travel Agent Aer Lingus Manager Interline & Partner Relations 
Airline & Travel Agent Aerolineas Argentinas Distribution UNIT REP. 
Airline & Travel Agent AFL AER FTI Linienflugeinkaufs-GmbH Managing Director 
Airline & Travel Agent AFL AER FTI Linienflugeinkaufs-GmbH Managing Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Africa World Airlines COO 
Airline & Travel Agent Aigle Aur Chief Commercial Officer 
Airline & Travel Agent Aigle Azur CEO 
Airline & Travel Agent Air Baltic Chief Commercial Officer 
Airline & Travel Agent Air Berlin VP Distribution Policy & Development 
Airline & Travel Agent Air Burkina Commercial Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Air Canada Vice President Global Sales 
Airline & Travel Agent Air Caraibes Chairman of The Board 
Airline & Travel Agent Air France Director "La Premiere" 
Airline & Travel Agent Air France Director "La Première" 
Airline & Travel Agent Air Lingus Manager Interline & Partner Relations 
Airline & Travel Agent Air Madagascar Manager strategic marketing 
Airline & Travel Agent Air Mauritius Executive Vice President 
Airline & Travel Agent Air Moldova Chief Commercial Officer 
Airline & Travel Agent Air Moldova General Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Air Namibia Chief Commercial Officer 
Airline & Travel Agent Air Namibia CCO 
Airline & Travel Agent Air Namibia Limited Manager - Government & Bilateral Affairs 
Airline & Travel Agent Air Seychelles Revenue Accounts Manager 
Airline & Travel Agent Air Seychelles Manager Accounts Receivable 
Airline & Travel Agent Air Tahiti Nui General Manager Europe 
Airline & Travel Agent Akarim Agencies Travel Manager 
Airline & Travel Agent Alaska Airlines Manager International Sales/GSA 
Airline & Travel Agent Allegro Tours General Manager 
Airline & Travel Agent Alsadi Travels Managing Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Altair Tours International General Manager 
Airline & Travel Agent Antrak Air Commercial Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Arab Air Carriers Organization Secretary General 
Airline & Travel Agent Arab Air Carriers Organization Project Manager of Future Distribution Strategies 
Airline & Travel Agent Astindo Chairperson 
Airline & Travel Agent Astra Airlines Vice President 
Airline & Travel Agent Atlasjet Airlines Business Development Manager 
Airline & Travel Agent Bangkok Airways Sales Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Bangkok Airways Regional Manager- Europe 
Airline & Travel Agent Bangkok Airways Vice President Sales 
Airline & Travel Agent Barakat Travel Owner & General Manager 
Airline & Travel Agent BlueSky Airlines Chief Commercial Officer 
Airline & Travel Agent Buddha Air SR Executive Manager 
Airline & Travel Agent Chalair Sales&Marketing Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Cheapesto CEO 
Airline & Travel Agent China Southern Airlines Deputy Director General 
Airline & Travel Agent Croatia Airlines IATA Affairs Manager 
Airline & Travel Agent Crystal Travel Managing Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Crystal Travel Director 
Airline & Travel Agent CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens International Director 
Airline & Travel Agent ECAir Advisor to CEO and PCA 
Airline & Travel Agent ECTAA Secretary General 
Airline & Travel Agent Ellinair Airlines Commercial Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Emirates General Manager France 
Airline & Travel Agent ESF Travel General Manager 
Airline & Travel Agent Estonian Air Head of Sales Department 
Airline & Travel Agent Ethiopian Airlines VP Marketing 
Airline & Travel Agent Eximtur Regional Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Fantast Tourist General Manager 
Airline & Travel Agent Finnair Client Manager Spain 
Airline & Travel Agent Finnair Sales Director 
Airline & Travel Agent First Air  Vice President Commercial 
Airline & Travel Agent FISAVET-AOC  President 
Airline & Travel Agent Flybe Head of Regional & Interline Sales 
Airline & Travel Agent Flyvista CEO 
Airline & Travel Agent FRAM Board Member 
Airline & Travel Agent Gapnet Viagens E Turismo General Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Garuda Indonesia Senior Manager Alliance & INT'L Affairs 
Airline & Travel Agent GA Services Executive Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Georgian Airways Commercial Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Germania Manager Code Sharing / Interlining 
Airline & Travel Agent Google Travel Head of technical sales 
Airline & Travel Agent Heli Air Monaco Interline Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Highlight Travel Ltd Managing Director 
Airline & Travel Agent INFINI Senior Manager 
Airline & Travel Agent INFINI CEO 
Airline & Travel Agent InterCaribbean Airways CEO 
Airline & Travel Agent INTRO Aviation GmbH Managing Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Kenya Airwys Regional General Manager 
Airline & Travel Agent Lao Airlines Adviser 
Airline & Travel Agent Head of IT Operations 
Airline & Travel Agent Looknbook International  CEO 
Airline & Travel Agent LOT - Polish Airlines Executive Director Sales and Distribution 
Airline & Travel Agent Lucky Group Business Development Manager 
Airline & Travel Agent Luxair VP Sales& Revenue Management 
Airline & Travel Agent Meridiana VP Sales 
Airline & Travel Agent Meridiana Director International Markets 
Airline & Travel Agent Middle East Airlines Head of IT 
Airline & Travel Agent Myanmar Airways International Chairman 
Airline & Travel Agent Network of Independant Travel Agencies Son 
Airline & Travel Agent Network of Independent Travel Agencies President 
Airline & Travel Agent Nouvelair Deputy Director Commercial 
Airline & Travel Agent Nouvelair  Directeur du réseau régulier 
Airline & Travel Agent Nouvelair Tunisie Deputy Sales Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Odyssey Airlines CEO 
Airline & Travel Agent Orbitz Worldwide Director Sales 
Airline & Travel Agent Orbitz Worldwide Manager Partner Marketing 
Airline & Travel Agent Osho World Travel Nepal President 
Airline & Travel Agent OTP Travel Managing Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Oway CEO and Founder 
Airline & Travel Agent Pakistan International Airlines Deputy General Manager 
Airline & Travel Agent Philway Group President 
Airline & Travel Agent Vice president 
Airline & Travel Agent Senior Sales Manager, Airlines 
Airline & Travel Agent Rajah Travel Corporation Chairman and President 
Airline & Travel Agent Rexturadvance VP Market & Products 
Airline & Travel Agent Royal Air Maroc Head of Distribution 
Airline & Travel Agent Royal Air Maroc VP Distribution and Revenue Management 
Airline & Travel Agent RwandAir GM Commercial 
Airline & Travel Agent S7 Group ( Siberia Airlines) Director Sales 
Airline & Travel Agent S7 Group (Siberia Airlines) Head of Division (OTAs & BSPs) 
Airline & Travel Agent S7 Group (Siberia Airlines) Director Sales 
Airline & Travel Agent S7 Group ( Siberia Airlines) Head of Division 
Airline & Travel Agent Samitol Tour Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Samitol Tour Tour Manager 
Airline & Travel Agent SAS Scandinavian Airlines Regional General Manager 
Airline & Travel Agent SBA Airlines Managing Director for Europe 
Airline & Travel Agent SETO President 
Airline & Travel Agent Snowbird Airlines Chief Operational Officer 
Airline & Travel Agent Somon Air Commercial Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Srilankan Airlines Executive Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Student Agency Business Director - Flight Tickets 
Airline & Travel Agent SunExpress CIO 
Airline & Travel Agent TAAG Director Revenue Accounting 
Airline & Travel Agent TAAG Director Sales 
Airline & Travel Agent TAP Portugal Head of Sales Development & Efficiency 
Airline & Travel Agent Tarom Commercial or International Relations Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Terratour Manager 
Airline & Travel Agent The Association of Ticketing Companies in Indonesia President 
Airline & Travel Agent TourCom Commercial & Marketing Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Travelgenio CEO 
Airline & Travel Agent Travelgenio Chief Financial Officer 
Airline & Travel Agent Travel Juice President 
Airline & Travel Agent Travel Matters Chief Executive Officer 
Airline & Travel Agent Travel Matters Manager Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Travelport Senior Director Airline IT Solutions 
Airline & Travel Agent Travix International B.V. CCO 
Airline & Travel Agent TUI Deutschland Executive Director Commercial Aviation 
Airline & Travel Agent Tunisair Sales Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Tunisair VP Commercial Affairs 
Airline & Travel Agent Tunisair Express Director General 
Airline & Travel Agent Ukraine International Airlines Regional Manager - Europe 
Airline & Travel Agent Uniglobe Skylink Travel & Tours Managing Director & CEO 
Airline & Travel Agent Universal Tours General Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Universal Tours Operations Manager 
Airline & Travel Agent VietJet Air Director Commercial 
Airline & Travel Agent VietJet Air Director ICT 
Airline & Travel Agent Vista Travel CEO 
Airline & Travel Agent West Express Manager 
Airline & Travel Agent Wideroe Airline Director Sales & Distribution 
Airline & Travel Agent World Aviation Group CEO 
Airline & Travel Agent World Travel Centre Managing Director 
Airline & Travel Agent Xiamen Airlines Assistant Manager of International Dept. 
Airline & Travel Agent XL Airways France EVP, Commercial, Scheduling & Marketing 
Airline & Travel Agent Zagrosjet Airline Regional Director-Europe 
Air Transfer Industry AVICO aero consulting Managing Director 
Air Transport Industry Airbus Head of strategic marketing 
Air Transport Industry Amadeus VP Western Europe & MEA 
Air Transport Industry ARC President & CEO 
Air Transport Industry ARC Carrier Participation 
Air Transport Industry ATAF Secretary General 
Air Transport Industry Axess International Network Senior Manager, Sales Dept. 
Air Transport Industry Axess International Network President & CEO 
Air Transport Industry BAR France President 
Air Transport Industry Boeing Managing Director, Airline Marketing Services 
Air Transport Industry CP Conseils Aeronautique CEO 
Air Transport Industry Creative Advances Technology Chief Executive Officer 
Air Transport Industry Eurocontrol Managing Director 
Air Transport Industry Europcar International Head of Regional Sales Development 
Air Transport Industry Eventiz CEO 
Air Transport Industry Ezanno Consultants Consultant 
Air Transport Industry IATA Head of NDC 
Air Transport Industry IATA Director, FDS Operations 
Air Transport Industry IATA Head Strategy, Industry Services Transformation 
Air Transport Industry IATA Director, FDS Products 
Air Transport Industry International Transport Forum General Manager 
Air Transport Industry Jinmag President  
Air Transport Industry Paris Airport - Roissy Charles De Gaulle  Managing Director 
Air Transport Industry SITA Chief Executive Officer 
Air Transport Industry Tallinn Airport (Estonia) Marketing Specialist 
Air Transport Industry The Airport Agency  Managing Director 
Air Transport Industry Travel Group Consulting CEO 
Air Transport Industry UATP Regional Commercial Manager 
Air Transport Industry UATP President & CEO 
Air Transport Industry UATP Regional operations Manager 
Air Transport Industry Wirecard Head of Sales Travel & Mobility 
Air Transport Industry Wirecard Sales Manager 
APG APG America BDM 
APG APG Argentina President & CEO 
APG  APG Australia Managing Director 
APG APG Azerbaijan Director 
APG APG Belgium Manager 
APG APG Belgium IBCS Manager 
APG APG Belgium IBCS President 
APG APG Benin Country Manager 
APG APG Bolivia Director 
APG APG Brazil Vice President  
APG APG Brazil Director 
APG APG Brunei President 
APG APG Bulgaria Sales Manager  
APG APG Cameroon Sales Executive 
APG APG Cameroon CEO 
APG APG Cameroon General Manager 
APG APG Cameroon Consultant 
APG  APG Canada CEO 
APG APG CCS / AIC Marketing Manager 
APG APG China General Manager 
APG APG China General Manager 
APG  APG Colombia Director 
APG APG CWA President 
APG APG Cyprus General Manager 
APG APG Czech Republic & Slovakia Managing Director 
APG APG Czech Republic & Slovakia Business Development Director 
APG APG Dominican Republic CEO 
APG APG DS Director 
APG APG DS IBCS Assistant 
APG APG Ecuador Director 
APG APG France Marketing & Communication 
APG APG France Head of GSSA- Commercial Department 
APG APG France Director 
APG APG France Allied - KILIAN Representations Managing Director 
APG APG Georgia General Manager T & R  
APG APG Georgia Managing Partner 
APG APG Germany CEO 
APG APG Ghana Country Director 
APG APG Ghana Business Development Manager 
APG APG Hungary  Sales Manager 
APG APG Hungary  Managing Director  
APG APG INC President 
APG APG INC Audit Manager 
APG  APG INC Executive Product Director IET 
APG APG INC Asia Pacific Business Development Manager 
APG APG INC Business Development Manager MEA 
APG APG INC Audit Manager 
APG APG INC Founder & Managing Director 
APG APG INC Europe Business Development Manager 
APG APG INC Marketing Director 
APG APG INC Europe Business Development Manager 
APG APG India Executive Product Director 
APG APG India Head Corporate & Strategy 
APG APG India Executive Vice President 
APG APG Indonesia Managing Director 
APG APG Iraq Account Manager 
APG APG Ireland General Sales Manager 
APG APG Italy Managing Director 
APG  APG Japan President 
APG APG Jordan President 
APG APG Jordan Board Member 
APG APG Lebanon Vice President Sales & Operations 
APG APG Lebanon Vice President Admin & Business Development 
APG APG Malaysia Group President 
APG APG Mexico President 
APG APG Morocco President & CEO 
APG  APG Morocco Sales Manager 
APG APG Myanmar Financial Controller 
APG APG Netherlands Managing Director 
APG APG Network Secretary General 
APG APG Network President 
APG APG Network General Secretary Hemeritus 
APG APG New Zealand Director 
APG APG Nigeria CEO 
APG APG Nordic Managing Director 
APG APG Pakistan Board member 
APG APG Panama Country Manager 
APG APG Peru Director 
APG APG Philippines Business Development Manager 
APG APG Philippines Managing Director 
APG APG Romania CEO 
APG APG Russia IBCS General Director 
APG APG Serbia & Western Balkans Co-Owner 
APG  APG Slovenia & Croatia Managing Director 
APG APG South Africa General Manager 
APG APG Spain Commercial Director 
APG APG Spain Allied - GRT CEO 
APG APG Sri Lanka CEO 
APG APG Switzerland General Manager 
APG APG Thailand Managing Director 
APG APG Tunisia General Manager 
APG APG Turkey Director 
APG APG UAE Deputy Managing Director 
APG APG Ukraine Director 
APG APG Ukraine Sales Executive 
APG APG United Kingdom Director, Sales & Operations 
APG  APG Uruguay General Manager 
APG APG USA Director 
APG  APG Uzbekistan General Director 
APG APG Venezuela Director 
APG  APG World Connect Event Coordinator 
APG APG Yemen Executive Director 
APG APG Yemen IT Manager 
APG ECS General Manager 
Partner ACCELYA Director 
Partner ACCELYA Vice president- Marketing 
Partner ADP CEO 
Partner Aéroports de la Côte d'Azur Chief Department of Companies Development 
Partner Aéroports de la Côte d'Azur Director of Operations & Development of Companies 
Partner Aéroports de Paris Senior Manager - Operational Coordination Unit 
Partner AERTEC Consultant 
Partner AERTEC Marketing Director 
Partner AERTEC President 
Partner AIC CEO 
Partner Air Cube CEO 
Partner Airsource Partners Founder 
Partner Amadeus CEO 
Partner Baudon Nortier Consulting Co-Founder 
Partner Boyd Group International President & CEO 
Partner Boyd Group International President & CEO 
Partner Caviar Sturia Commercial Director 
Partner Chez les Anges APG Partner 
Partner Conztanz CEO 
Partner CP Conseils Aeronautique Sales Manager 
Partner Fnam President 
Partner FNAM President 
Partner Hitit Computer Services CSO 
Partner Hitit Computer Services Sales Manager 
Partner HOP CEO 
Partner HOP! Executive VP Sales Marketing & Product 
Partner HOP Executive VP Sales Manager 
Partner HOP! CEO 
Partner IFTM Exhibition Director 
Partner Milanamos Co-Founder 
Partner Mr. Prezident Commercial Director 
Partner OAG International Account Manager 
Partner Orchestra President 
Partner Orchestra CEO 
Partner Quaddra Managing Partner 
Partner Quaddra Managing Partner 
Partner Rail Europe CEO 
Partner Rail Europe CEO 
Partner Resiber Partner 
Partner Resiber Commercial I.T Vice President 
Partner Safran Chief Marketing Officer 
Partner SITA Senior Vice President 
Partner SIXT  
Partner SIXT President France 
Partner Sixt Executive Director 
Partner Tracernet President 
Partner Webpro Executive Director 
Paying Participant Accelya Director 
Paying Participant Accelya Vice President - Marketing 
Paying Participant Embraer Senior Sales Director 
Paying Participant TRACERNET President 
Press Aeronews Tv CEO 
Press Ch- Aviation Managing Director 
Press Class & Relax Editor 
Press Class & Relax Journalist 
Press Déplacements Pro Editor 
Press Deplacements Pros Editor 
Press Duke & Peterson Travel Magazine General Manager - Editor in Chief 
Press eTurboNews Publisher, President 
Press Expat Communications Associate Publisher 
Press Imperator Travel Travel Blogger 
Press Le Point / Tour Hebdo Journalist 
Press Le Quotidien du Tourisme Journalist 
Press Nouvel Obs / Challenges Journaliste 
Press RTL Radio Journalist-Chief editor 
Press S&M Publication Publishing Manager 
Press TourCom President 
Press Tourismes TV Cameraman 
Press Tourismes TV CEO 
Press Tourism info Editor & publisher 
Press Co president 
Press Travel Magazine Travel & Sky Editor 
Press Travel Magazine Senior aviation reporter 
Press Zakenreis Director & Journalist 
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