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Airlines & Travel Agents Aerocon IT Manager 
Airlines & Travel Agents Aerocon Sales Manager 
Airlines & Travel Agents Africa World Airlines CEO 
Airlines & Travel Agents Air Astana Regional GM UK, Ireland, Americas, Turkey, MEA 
Airlines & Travel Agents Air Baltic Corporation CCO 
Airlines & Travel Agents Airberlin VP Distribution Policy 
Airlines & Travel Agents Aircalin VP Commercial 
Airlines & Travel Agents Air France Credit Card & Payment Coordination Manager 
Airlines & Travel Agents Air France Financial & Banking Services Purchaser 
Airlines & Travel Agents Air India Head of Revenue Accounting 
Airlines & Travel Agents Air Madagascar Sales Manager Europe 
Airlines & Travel Agents Air Namibia Managing Director 
Airlines & Travel Agents Air Niugini Commercial Director 
Airlines & Travel Agents Akarim Agencies Travel Manager 
Airlines & Travel Agents Alaska Airlines General Sales Agent 
Airlines & Travel Agents Alaska Airlines Manager Charters-Groups-International Sales 
Airlines & Travel Agents Al Sawan Company Vice President 
Airlines & Travel Agents ASATA - Association of South African Travel Agents CEO 
Airlines & Travel Agents ASTA - American Society of Travel Agents President & CEO 
Airlines & Travel Agents Atlantic Airways Faroe Islands CEO 
Airlines & Travel Agents Aviatur General Secretary 
Airlines & Travel Agents Avior Airlines VP Commercial 
Airlines & Travel Agents Azul Linhas Aéreas Alliances Manager 
Airlines & Travel Agents BCD Travel Kenya Managing Director 
Airlines & Travel Agents Berbel Travel & Tours Director 
Airlines & Travel Agents Biman Bangladesh Airlines Chairman, Biman Board of Directors 
Airlines & Travel Agents Biman Bangladesh Airlines GM Marketing & Sales 
Airlines & Travel Agents Blue Air Legal Advisor 
Airlines & Travel Agents Blue Air Member of the Board 
Airlines & Travel Agents Brussels Airlines Sales Manager France 
Airlines & Travel Agents Cyprus Airways Commercial Manager 
Airlines & Travel Agents Darussalam Holdings Sdn Bhd Acting Managing Director 
Airlines & Travel Agents Darwin Airline CCO 
Airlines & Travel Agents Delta Air Lines Managing Director Distribution Strategy 
Airlines & Travel Agents ECAir Head of Revenue Accounting 
Airlines & Travel Agents ECAir CCO 
Airlines & Travel Agents Ensemble Travel Group Sr. Director Air & Travel Solutions 
Airlines & Travel Agents Estonian Air Head of Sales & Distribution Dept. 
Airlines & Travel Agents Ethiopian Airlines VP Marketing 
Airlines & Travel Agents Expedia Sr. Air Account Manager 
Airlines & Travel Agents Expedia Air Account Manager 
Airlines & Travel Agents Expedia Inc. Sr. Air Account Manager 
Airlines & Travel Agents Expedia Inc. VP Transport Americas 
Airlines & Travel Agents Expedia Inc. Director, Air Strategic Accounts 
Airlines & Travel Agents Expedia Inc. Head of Transport Management 
Airlines & Travel Agents Fareportal Inc. SVP Supplier Partnerships 
Airlines & Travel Agents FastJet CEO 
Airlines & Travel Agents FISAVET CWA President 
Airlines & Travel Agents Fly Afrika Secretary General 
Airlines & Travel Agents Fly Georgia Sales Executive 
Airlines & Travel Agents Georgian Airways Commercial Director 
Airlines & Travel Agents GOL Alliances Officer 
Airlines & Travel Agents Griffin Americas Director of Supplier Relations 
Airlines & Travel Agents Hainan Airlines Manager of Overseas Sales Channel 
Airlines & Travel Agents Hainan Airlines Manager International Marketing Office 
Airlines & Travel Agents Hawkair Revenue Manager 
Airlines & Travel Agents Héli Air Monaco International Sales Manager 
Airlines & Travel Agents Icelandair Director 
Airlines & Travel Agents Insel Air International B.V. CCO 
Airlines & Travel Agents Jeju Air CEO 
Airlines & Travel Agents Kam Air Director of Commercial Operations 
Airlines & Travel Agents Kam Air Business Development Manager 
Airlines & Travel Agents Kenya Airways Head of Revenue Management & Distribution 
Airlines & Travel Agents Kenya Airways Head of Network Planning and Alliances & Acting Commercial Director 
Airlines & Travel Agents Lao Airlines Vice President 
Airlines & Travel Agents Lao Airlines Corporate Planning Director 
Airlines & Travel Agents Lao Central Airlines Deputy Managing Director, Board Member 
Airlines & Travel Agents Lao Central Airlines Deputy CEO, Board Member 
Airlines & Travel Agents Meridiana Fly Sales Manager International Markets 
Airlines & Travel Agents Myanmar Airways Associate Consultant 
Airlines & Travel Agents Nas Air Project Manager 
Airlines & Travel Agents Nepal Airlines Corporation Commercial Director 
Airlines & Travel Agents New Japan Aviation CEO 
Airlines & Travel Agents Odyssey Airlines CEO 
Airlines & Travel Agents Orbitz Worldwide Sr. Account Manager - Partner Marketing 
Airlines & Travel Agents Orbitz Worldwide Director Sales 
Airlines & Travel Agents Peruvian Airlines CEO 
Airlines & Travel Agents Polimundo - Carlson Wagonlit Travel  Sales Manager 
Airlines & Travel Agents Porter Airlines VP, Revenue Management 
Airlines & Travel Agents Precision Air Commercial Director 
Airlines & Travel Agents Precision Air Regional Sales Manager 
Airlines & Travel Agents Priceline Director International Airlines 
Airlines & Travel Agents Rail Europe Director Rail Europe Asia, Latin America, Australia, Africa 
Airlines & Travel Agents Rajah Travel Corporation President 
Airlines & Travel Agents Raptim Travel Vice President - USA 
Airlines & Travel Agents Raptim Travel CEO - USA 
Airlines & Travel Agents Royal Air Maroc Distribution Development Manager 
Airlines & Travel Agents Royal Brunei Airlines Commercial Director 
Airlines & Travel Agents Royal Jordanian Airlines Head of Sales & Distribution 
Airlines & Travel Agents RwandAir Country Manager UAE & Offline Sales 
Airlines & Travel Agents RwandAir Senior Regional Manager 
Airlines & Travel Agents Safi Airways CCO 
Airlines & Travel Agents Santa Barabara Airlines President 
Airlines & Travel Agents SATA Director of Network & Revenue 
Airlines & Travel Agents Saudi Arabian Airlines CCO 
Airlines & Travel Agents Solyom Hungarian Airways CCO 
Airlines & Travel Agents Sólyom Hungarian Airways Head of Foreign Sales 
Airlines & Travel Agents South African Airways VP Sales & Marketing - North America 
Airlines & Travel Agents Southwest Airlines International Manager 
Airlines & Travel Agents Tajik Air Director of IT dept. 
Airlines & Travel Agents Tiara Air Aruba Distribution & Revenue Manager 
Airlines & Travel Agents Transavia COO 
Airlines & Travel Agents Turkish Airlines VP America & Europe 
Airlines & Travel Agents Uganda Air Commercial Director 
Airlines & Travel Agents Ukraine International Airlines Executive VP Commerce 
Airlines & Travel Agents United Airlines Managing Director - Marketing & Distribution 
Airlines & Travel Agents USTOA - United States Tour Operators Association President & CEO 
Airlines & Travel Agents XL Airways Executive VP Sales & Marketing - France 
Air Transport Industry Aéroports De Paris Managing Director CDG Airport 
Air Transport Industry Aéroports De Paris Managing Director Orly Airport 
Air Transport Industry Airsource Parnters Founding President 
Air Transport Industry Amadeus Chief Marketing Officer 
Air Transport Industry Amadeus Switzerland Trainer 
Air Transport Industry APST - Association Professionnelle de Solidarite du Tourisme President 
Air Transport Industry APST - Association Professionnelle de Solidarité du Tourisme Consultant 
Air Transport Industry APST - Association Professionnelle de Solidarité du Tourisme Chairman 
Air Transport Industry APST - Association Professionnelle de Solidarité du Tourisme Vice President 
Air Transport Industry ARC Manager, ARC Carrier Participation Program. 
Air Transport Industry ARC Sr. Carrier Participation Specialist 
Air Transport Industry ARC VP Business Development 
Air Transport Industry ARC - Airlines Reporting Corporation President & CEO 
Air Transport Industry ASPA - Association of South Pacific Airlines  Secretary General  
Air Transport Industry ASTINDO - The Association of Air Ticketing Companies in Indonesia Deputy Secretary General 
Air Transport Industry ASTINDO - The Association of Air Ticketing Companies in Indonesia President 
Air Transport Industry AVICO Aero Consulting Managing Director 
Air Transport Industry Axess President 
Air Transport Industry Axess Senior Manager Airline Marketing 
Air Transport Industry BAR France - Board of Airlines Representatives President 
Air Transport Industry Consultant Consultant 
Air Transport Industry Consultant Consultant 
Air Transport Industry CP Conseils Aeronautique Chairman 
Air Transport Industry Dealbroker CEO 
Air Transport Industry Dealbroker Sales Director 
Air Transport Industry Edgard, Dunn & Company Director 
Air Transport Industry EGFATT - European Guarantee Funds' Association for Travel & Tourism Secretary General 
Air Transport Industry FAA - Federal Aviation Administration Foreign Affairs Specialist 
Air Transport Industry Farelogix President & CEO 
Air Transport Industry Finavia Corporation Incoming Sales Manager 
Air Transport Industry Finavia Corporation CEO 
Air Transport Industry Google Travel Head of Technical Sales EMEA - APAC 
Air Transport Industry Hitit Computer Services CSO 
Air Transport Industry IATA NewGen ISS Manager 
Air Transport Industry IATA Director FDS Operations 
Air Transport Industry IATA Head of NDC 
Air Transport Industry Iberia Resiber Commercial IT VP 
Air Transport Industry Infini Travel Information Chairman, President & CEO 
Air Transport Industry Infini Travel Information, Inc. Senior Manager Marketing 
Air Transport Industry Jinmag President 
Air Transport Industry Motocol CEO 
Air Transport Industry Motocol VP Business Development 
Air Transport Industry NIIT Airline Technologies Head of Operations & Sales 
Air Transport Industry Quaddra Solutions Managing Partner 
Air Transport Industry Reed Travel Exhibitions Project Director 
Air Transport Industry Resiber VP Marketing IT 
Air Transport Industry Rusada COO 
Air Transport Industry Sabre Travel Network Director Marketing - North America 
Air Transport Industry Sixt Limousines General Manager 
Air Transport Industry The Airport Agency Managing Director 
Air Transport Industry Tourismes TV Director 
Air Transport Industry TracerNet President 
Air Transport Industry Travelport Head of Supplier - Europe 
Air Transport Industry Travelport Strategic Sales Manager 
Air Transport Industry Travelport Business Development Executive 
Air Transport Industry Travelport Global Head Airline Advertising 
Air Transport Industry UATP Manager - Training & Compliance 
Air Transport Industry UATP General Counsel 
Air Transport Industry UATP Director, Sales & Implementations 
Air Transport Industry UATP President & CEO 
Air Transport Industry UATP VP, Operations 
Air Transport Industry UATP Director, Sales Implementation 
Air Transport Industry UATP VP Marketing & Communications 
Air Transport Industry UATP Regional Operations Manager 
Air Transport Industry UATP Regional Commercial Manager 
Air Transport Industry UATP Manager Member Technologies 
Air Transport Industry UATP VP, Business Development 
Air Transport Industry Unisys President & GM Transportation 
Air Transport Industry Unisys Sr. Manager 
Air Transport Industry Unisys Director Passenger Solutions 
Air Transport Industry UNWTO - United Nations World Tourism Organization Executive Director 
Air Transport Industry Wirecard Managing Director 
Air Transport Industry Wirecard Coordinator Africa 
Air Transport Industry World Travel Agents Association Alliance Chairman 
APG Countries APG Angola CEO 
APG Countries APG Argentina President & CEO 
APG Countries APG Australia Managing Director 
APG Countries APG Azerbaijan Executive Director 
APG Countries APG Bangladesh Managing Director 
APG Countries APG Belgium IBCS General Manager 
APG Countries APG Bolivia Commercial Manager 
APG Countries APG Brunei President 
APG Countries APG Cameroon Managing Director 
APG Countries APG Canada Sales Manager 
APG Countries APG Canada IBCS Manager 
APG Countries APG CCS / AIC Marketing Manager 
APG Countries APG Central West Africa President 
APG Countries APG China General Manager 
APG Countries APG Colombia Director 
APG Countries APG Cyprus General Manager 
APG Countries APG Czech Republic & Slovakia Managing Director 
APG Countries APG Dominican Republic CEO 
APG Countries APG DS Director 
APG Countries APG East Africa Managing Director & CEO 
APG Countries APG Ecuador General Manager 
APG Countries APG Egypt Director Airlines Division 
APG Countries APG France Director 
APG Countries APG France Communication 
APG Countries APG Georgia Managing Partner 
APG Countries APG Germany CEO 
APG Countries APG Ghana Country Director 
APG Countries APG Ghana Manager Business Development  
APG Countries APG Greece Managing Director 
APG Countries APG Hong Kong General Manager 
APG Countries APG Hungary Managing Director 
APG Countries APG INC. President & CEO 
APG Countries APG INC CRM & Audit Manager 
APG Countries APG India General Manager Business Development 
APG Countries APG Indonesia Managing Director 
APG Countries APG Iraq GSA & Marketing Manager 
APG Countries APG Ireland Sales Manager 
APG Countries APG Italy Managing Director 
APG Countries APG Italy Managing Director 
APG Countries APG Japan President 
APG Countries APG Jordan  Sales & Marketing 
APG Countries APG Jordan Director 
APG Countries APG Kazakhstan General Director 
APG Countries APG Kazakhstan Manager 
APG Countries APG Kenya Director 
APG Countries APG Korea General Manager 
APG Countries APG Korea President 
APG Countries APG Malaysia Group President 
APG Countries APG Mexico Associate Director 
APG Countries APG Mexico President 
APG Countries APG Morocco President & CEO 
APG Countries APG Nepal Managing Director 
APG Countries APG Nepal Director 
APG Countries APG Netherlands Managing Director 
APG Countries APG Network COO 
APG Countries APG Network President 
APG Countries APG Network Marketing Director 
APG Countries APG Network Secretary General 
APG Countries APG New Zealand General Manager 
APG Countries APG Nigeria Director 
APG Countries APG Nigeria General Manager 
APG Countries APG Nordic Partner 
APG Countries APG Nordic Managing Director 
APG Countries APG Pakistan President & CEO 
APG Countries APG Panama Country Manager 
APG Countries APG Peru General Manager 
APG Countries APG Philippines Managing Director 
APG Countries APG Philippines Director 
APG Countries APG Poland Commercial Manager 
APG Countries APG Poland Director 
APG Countries APG Romania CEO 
APG Countries APG Russia General Manager 
APG Countries APG Russia Product Manager 
APG Countries APG Russia IBCS General Director 
APG Countries APG Saudi Arabia Sales & Marketing Director 
APG Countries APG South Africa General Manager 
APG Countries APG South Africa Allied Director 
APG Countries APG Spain Management Consultant 
APG Countries APG Spain Commercial Director 
APG Countries APG Sri Lanka CEO 
APG Countries APG Switzerland Business Development Manager 
APG Countries APG Switzerland Chairman 
APG Countries APG Thailand Managing Director 
APG Countries APG Tunisia Director 
APG Countries APG Turkey Director 
APG Countries APG UAE Marketing Manager 
APG Countries APG Ukraine Sales Executive 
APG Countries APG Ukraine Director 
APG Countries APG United Arab Emirates Chairman 
APG Countries APG United Kingdom Executive Product Director - GSSA 
APG Countries APG United Kingdom Director Sales & Operations 
APG Countries APG USA CCO 
APG Countries APG USA CEO 
APG Countries APG USA Executive Vice President 
APG Countries APG Uzbekistan General Director 
APG Countries APG Venezuela Director 
APG Countries APG World Connect Event Coordinator 
APG Countries APG World Connect President 
APG Countries APG World Connect Event Coordinator 
APG Countries APG World Connect Event Coordinator 
APG Countries APG World Connect Event Coordinator 
APG Countries APG Yemen Executive Director 
APG Countries APG Yemen IT Manager 
APG Countries Global GSA - APG Spain Allied  Project Manager 
APG Countries Kilian - APG France Allied Managing Director 
APG Countries Kilian - APG France Allied Assistant 
Press & Media Aeronews TV President 
Press & Media Air Guide Online Chief Editor 
Press & Media Air Transport World Group Publisher 
Press & Media Aviation News 24 Editor in Chief 
Press & Media Baxter Travel Media Sales Manager 
Press & Media Tourismes TV Cameraman 
Press & Media Tourmag Journalist 
Press & Media Tourmag Director 
Press & Media Travel Technology Update Editor 
World Connect CPT Audiovisuel Managing Director 
World Connect Photograph Photograph 
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